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Your purchase of a popcuts includes:

  • Hanging hardware (adhesive hook and nail)
  • A mini-level to keep things straight
  • Pre-installed hanging wire
  • Corner pads to protect your walls & reduce shifting

      We purposely made popcuts quite light, so that you aren't pulling out power tools to get your art on the wall. We pre-install a hanging wire, so there is less measuring and blindly trying to line up holes.

      Installation should be as simple as picking the location, hammering a nail, and enjoying the new addition to your spot.

        HOW TO HANG:

        1) LINING IT UP - The rule of thumb is you want to hang your piece with the middle of the art at your eye level - if you are an ex-volleyball player, maybe adjust a bit for typical heights.

        2) PUT THE HOOK ON WALL - The frame wire will hang about 16 cm (6.25 inch) from the top edge of the frame. About 16 cm from where you want the top of the frame to sit, mark the spot, and then place the provided adhesive hook. Thank us later for saving your fingers - the adhesive hook helps with alignment and makes hammering easier.

        3) DRIVE THE NAIL - Use your preferred hammer of choice (actual hammer, back of screwdriver, wine bottle) to drive the nail securely into the wall through the hole the in adhesive hook.

        4) HANG THE PIECE - The wire is purposely tight so there isn't a big gap between the back of frame and your wall when finished. If you are having trouble getting the wire on the hook, try from the far left or right of the frame's wire, and then slide the frame over to the centre point.

        5) SHOW OFF YOUR WORK - Just like your 6th grade math class teacher always used to say, "show your work", so don't forget to tag us @popcuts